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SYF2017 Mala (designed by SYF Director, Heather Sheree Titus) – Featuring locally sourced Arizona Jasper and Lava amidst Rudraksha.

Hand-Crafted by Atmas Offerings exclusively for SYF.

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Enjoy this exclusive collectible 2017 Sedona Yoga Festival mala made just for you! The jasper & lava come from this beautiful region that is full of powerful spiritual energy. We hope you love wearing & using your mala to deepen your connection & your practice.

Red Jasper
A stone of courage & wisdom. Stimulates health & strength. Connects oneself to earth energy. Evokes passion & focus. Relieves stress & enhances compassion. Gives insight into difficult situations.

A stone of transformation & rebirth. Releases fear and attachments. Detoxifying & grounding. Provides stability & courage throughout changes. Brings energy & vitality.

Bestows tremendous concentration & power while meditating. Gives protection from negativity. Strengthens the aura, increases intuition & brings clarity.


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